M and M’s Taphouse is bringing the craft-beer craze to downtown Barberton with 18 rotating taps including draft wine! We serve locally-sourced fresh food options and our HUGE family-friendly game room is sure to impress.

Come grab a bite, try a beer, and school your family in pinball, retro videogames, or any of our party game favorites.



Hummus Plate
Plain & Red Pepper Hummus. Celery. Cucumbers. EVOO. Parsley. Naan Bread
Pub Pretzels
Bavarian Salted Pretzels. Beer Cheese
Mac & Cheese Gouda or Pepper Jack Bites
Chipotle Mayo. Parsley
Chicken Satay
Grilled Chicken. Thai Peanut Sauce. Peanuts. Cilantro
Taphouse Cheeseboard
Cheeses. Meats. Crackers. Candied Pecans. Dijon-Honey Mustard
Pub Chips
Kettle Chips. Beer Cheese. Cheddar. Bacon. Chipotle Seasoning. Ranch
BBQ Brisket Nachos
Tortilla Chips. Brisket. Honey BBQ. Beer Cheese. Cheddar. Salsa. Jalapenos. Sour Cream
Potato Skins
Beer Cheese. Bacon. Cheddar. Sour Cream
Chicken Quesadilla
XL Flour Tortillas. Chipotle Mayo. Monterey Jack/Cheddar. Salsa. Sour Cream
Brisket Quesadilla
XL Flour Tortillas. Chipotle Mayo. Monterey Jack/Cheddar. Salsa. Sour Cream
Steak Quesadilla
XL Flour Tortilla. Alabama White BBQ. Monterey Jack/Cheddar. Salsa. Sour Cream

Fresh Salads

Add Crumbled Bacon, Avocado, or Grilled Chicken to any salad for $3.00

Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Caesar, Italian. Dijon-Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ginger-Miso Honey

Chicken Avocado Caprese
Grilled Chicken Breasts. Avocado. Tomatoes. Fresh Mozzarella. EVOO. Balsamic Glaze. Basil
Taphouse Chef
Romaine. Cheddar. Mozzarella. Cherry Tomatoes. Cucumber. Bacon. Deli Meat. Red Onions. Croutons
Taphouse Chicken Caesar
Romaine. Chicken. Shaved Parmesan. Bacon. Croutons
Romaine. Wonton Strips. Crushed Peanuts. Mandarin Oranges. Thai Peanut Sauce. Cilantro. Ginger-Miso & Honey
Fruit & Goat Cheese
Romaine. Mandarin Oranges. Seasonal Berries. Candied Pecans. Goat Cheese. Balsamic glaze. Raspberry Vinaigrette


Bone-In $13.00/lb. • Boneless $9/10oz. • One flavor per serving. / Celery on request. • Extra wing sauce or Dressings $0.50

M and M’s Magic Sauce (Sweet & Spicy)
M and M’s Magic Buffalo (Hot)
Dijon-Honey Mustard
Mild Buffalo
Carolina Reaper

Garlic Parmesan
Honey BBQ
Jamaican Jerk Dry-Rub
Cajun Dry-Rub
Ginger Miso & Honey

Thin-Crust Pizzas (12 inch)

Add Crumbled Bacon or Chicken to any pizza for $3.00

Any additional toppings add $1.00 per topping

Taphouse Pepperoni
Zesty Red Sauce. Mozzarella. Pepperoni. Italian Seasoning. Shaved Parmesan
BBQ Brisket
Brisket. Cheddar. Red Onion. Honey BBQ. Cilantro
Buffalo Chicken
Cream Cheese. Bacon. Chicken. Jalapenos. Cheddar. Ranch. Mild Buffalo
Cheesy White
Cream Cheese. Shredded Mozzarella. Fresh Mozzarella. Goat Cheese. Balsamic Glaze
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Cream Cheese. Mozzarella. Chicken. Bacon. Ranch. Garlic Seasoning
BBQ Chicken
Chicken. Cheddar. Red Onion. Honey BBQ. Pickles. Cilantro
M(eats) And M(ore)
Zesty Red Sauce. Brisket. Chicken. Pepperoni. Bacon. Onion. Jalepenos. Mozzarella. Italian seasoning. Shaved Parmesan
Cream cheese. Chicken. Fresh Mozzarella. Cherry tomatoes. Red Onion. Shredded Mozzarella. Shaved Parmesan. Basil. Garlic Parmesan

Focaccia Roll Sandwiches

Served with Kettle chips (Plain. BBQ. Jalapeño). Upgrade to Coleslaw $1, Garden side salad $2, Specialty Side Salad $5

BBQ Chicken Roll
Chicken. Red Onion. Cheddar. Honey BBQ. Pickles
Avocado BLT Roll
Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Avocado. Chipotle Mayo
BBQ Brisket Roll
Brisket. Honey BBQ. Cheddar. Cole Slaw
Vegetarian Chicken Roll
Veggie Chicken patty. Chili-Mayo. Ginger-Miso Honey Slaw
Chicken Bacon Ranch Roll
Chicken. Mozzarella. Ranch. Lettuce. Tomato. Bacon
Buffalo Chicken Roll
Chicken. Mild Buffalo. Cheddar. Tomato. Lettuce. Ranch


Cole Slaw
Slaw. Creamy Dressing
Kettle Chips
Plain. BBQ. Jalapeno
Side Salad
Romaine. Red Onion. Cucumber. Tomato. Mozzarella. Croutons
Caprese Salad
Tomato. Mozzarella. Balsamic Glaze. Basil. EVOO
Side Caesar Salad
Romaine. Bacon. Shaved Parmesan. Caesar. Croutons
Specialty Side Salad
Chef. Asian. Fruit & Goat Cheese


Diet Cola
Sweet Tea
Lemon Lime

Ginger Beer
Orange Juice
Root Beer
Pineapple Juice
Dr. Pepper

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